Lately I’ve been focusing on all the ‘big things’
And dealing with the pressure that all of it brings
So much stress trying to get it all done on time
I guess God’s plan is different than the one that’s in my mind

The plans in my mind work themselves out in front of me
And if everything goes the way I want I’ll have them all instantly
I don’t mind working hard and doing my best to achieve them
But how do I know if these are the plans God wants me to believe in?

I mean how do I know if I’m lazy, or relaxing in God’s will?
How do I know if I should keep searching or if I should simply chill?
Should I work really hard at everything I want and know that I need?
Or is God germinating within me, my once forgotten seeds?

The seeds of hope and faith that I used to be so proud of
Scripture lines I memorized that spoke of faith, hope and love
The seed of faith and hope which are deep within my heart
And the love of God within me, urging me to do my part

I know that God can do all things even more than I could possibly imagine
But do you wonder if you’re doing enough to ensure the impossible happens?
Am I the only one who struggles with knowing my part in the equation?
What do I do, or say, or pray about, and how often in each situation?

But a friend told me a beautiful thing that has put my mind at ease
Something that has helped me to relax and has given my heart some peace
Instead of dealing with all the pressure that worrying often brings
I’ll trust in God with my whole heart and focus on, the little things

Like learning to understand the Bible, without being so hard on myself
I get overwhelmed that there’s so much, I’ll just leave it on the shelf
Or remembering to pray to God, at least once a day
Not out of righteous obligation, but simply to give Him praise

Little things, like giving what I have to the poor, just what I know I can commit to
Little things, like responding to harsh words with a simple “God bless you”
And my hope is that you all will try to do the same
Focus on the little things, don’t overwhelm your brain

Only one thing is important, when it’s all said and done:
Do you have a relationship with Jesus, God’s Son?


2 thoughts on “LITTLE THINGS!

  1. When we can see the big in the small, we see small in big. The big dependent on the small, the small the big; its a partnership. Noticing the connectedness in everything, we more fully see Him.

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