The Voice: Arise From The Wilderness

The Pharisees could not see this man was sent from God.

They asked him, “Are you someone great? but he said “I am not.

You brood of vipers, don’t you see that I am not the Christ?

I am one who’s gone before to lay down my life.”

“I am a voice, I am a voice,

Crying out in the wilderness.”

Your pride and gift alone will not make you His choice.

He’s looking for the ones who only want to be a voice.

So keep on climbing, climbing all your ladders to the top.

But don’t you know that in the kingdom, down is the way up?

He’s looking for the ones who do not care about the cost,

Denying earthly pleasures, finding pleasures of His heart.

So lay down Your life, become the highway of the King.

The narrow path will be your crown, authority your ring.


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