Morality: Is There Such A Thing?

Time and time again, we find ourselves in a situation where we can give our opinion and we delight in the opportunity. We are very opinionated people by nature. We like to discuss the latest trends and issues. We like to discuss sports, politics, entertainment, and real life issues. Despite the large population of people found on this earth, the conversation or debate is never complete until we voice our own opinion, and we think ours is always right.

The interesting thing is that we find ours (usually first at least) to be correct, otherwise we would not bother giving it! But let’s take a quick stroll down the park of logic! If we view our opinion as right, then subsequently it cannot be wrong (law of non-contradiction). But how do we arrive to the point of giving our opinion?

Our opinion is founded on the principle of some moral code brought through intellectually and carried about by the mind. The mind, through rational and cognitive processing (which can be varied or influenced) is based on a self-induced standard. It works at making a distinction to that which is reasonable, correct, or, right; in opposition to that which is unreasonable, incorrect, or wrong. This standard varies depending on the situation or person, but there is a standard nonetheless.

But then there might be the person who claims there is no such thing as a standard or moral code. Interestingly enough that person has built the standard of their reasoning on that principle; that is that there is no principle. The mind then adopts this as correct, and any deviation to this principle becomes wrong or incorrect. Their logic becomes contradictory and confusing, rejecting any sort of notion of a standard all while anchoring itself to that belief. Without a reference we are lost, just think of a compass. So my question is: what is the reference point to the rationality and opinion of your mind and life? How does your mind conjecture its own opinions?

If there is no such thing as right or wrong, then your opinion has no value or worth. But you do have an opinion (otherwise what I said would not have had the potential to bother you), and you are already subconsciously expressing it. From reading this text, your mind has already processed the information, and if it does not coincide with your standard, then you will dismiss the argument of this text as wrong, and you will be itching to offer your input on it. So by what standard are you doing this and what is your landmark for saying I am wrong?


One thought on “Morality: Is There Such A Thing?

  1. I can concur with this mentioning about how most people are fixated in their opinions. To answer the question about reference point, I’ll say it’s usually consists around facts. For instance if it’s a conversion (debate) about politics I’ll immediately throw out what my mind could process that in coordinate with the question or what not. However sometimes is not always the case.

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