Where We’re At | Where We’re Going

Here’s a quick post just to let you know where we’re at with the development of Interaction as a local cross-church young adults ministry:

We’ve currently got this discipleship blog running, with a few bloggers preparing their next articles which will hopefully show up soon. We’re also connected via Facebook and Twitter, sharing other relevant resources available on the web, as well as encouraging and challenging the faithful. We’ve actually just hit the 50 likes landmark on Facebook. Yippee-ka-yay!

This December

We hope you can join us December 14 at the OnRock Café as we’ll be hosting a Christmas Party CoffeeHouse! Be sure to also check out Walk to Bethlehem, which is graciously set up every year at Hudson Community Baptist Church – it’s a treat you won’t wanna miss.

Come January

We’re hoping to launch two separate Bible Study groups in the New Year. The first is based on the book on discipleship called “Multiply” by Francis Chan. After describing what being a disciple of Jesus should look like, and exhorting us to put it into practice, it gives us an in depth explanation of the gospel message to ensure we have a clear, Biblically-grounded understanding of the good news from God to us, so that we can spread the Word effectively and accurately. Those who participate will also get trained in leading two-by-two their own Multiply studies and so on and so forth. Disciples making disciples making disciples making disciples… Being fruitful and multiplying! Look for it this January…

Later in the New Year

We’re also working on gathering the leaders of all young adult and youth groups together for a joint Bible study. We’ll be using a new series of commentary books called “Christ-Centered Exposition”. The first book we’ll be going through, “Exalting Jesus in Matthew“, is written by David Platt, author of “Radical” and “Follow Me”.

Also expect The CoffeeHouse to be happening at a more steady pace, recruiting local and international artists, featuring a more gospel-centered preaching component and – Lord willing – in multiple locations across the West Island. More details to come on that one!


Finally, we’ve been so blessed by the encouragement provided by leaders in our local church communities, such as Dennis Toufexis (Madison Baptist Church), Evange Destounis (Westview Bible Church) and Nathan Whatley (Westside Gathering), as well as ministry coach Dave Hemmerle from Reach Global, and from young adults in our midst, in particular Stephan Petion (Catch The Fire), Nathan Cherry (Westminster Presbyterian), Michael Destounis (Westview), Karina Moïn-Darbari (La Chapelle), Jonathan “JJ” Hodges (Westside Gathering) and our newest additions Andre and Danielle Parris (Briarwood Presbyterian).

We’re also touched by what God is accomplishing among us, laying down the groundwork for revival and launching new initiatives like the Youth Unlimited Rally at Terra Nova, headed by Jason Brereton and Laura Wilson, and new young adult community groups like the one Jennifer Vissers is working on at Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Beaconsfield.

Prayer, Bible-reading & Fasting

If you’ve ever checked out our preliminary Timeline, you’d be sure to notice that each phase of the project begins with this simple and crucial step. We will shortly be setting up a prayer meeting just to thank God for His continued faithfulness, and asking Him to continue to make us faithful to Him in carrying out the duties He has been giving us, for the glory of His name, and the saving of many lives.

Thanks so much for reading, and asking for your continued prayers for the young adults in the West Island, that they would come to know God: their Creator, Lord and Saviour.

Many blessings,
Interaction Director


Challenge: Song of Songs


Hi all! This here is a new series of posts, challenging you to go deeper in your relationship with God, specifically through your Bible reading.


Make haste, my beloved, and be like a gazelle or a young stag on the mountains of spices. — Song of Songs 8:14

He who testifies to these things says, “Surely I am coming quickly.” Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus! — Revelation 22:20

The Song of Songs is a love song between King Solomon and his bride. As we learn in the New Testament, the church is to be the future bride of Christ. Reading the Song of Songs, as we listen in to the Shulamite and her Beloved, we find there an example of the similar affection Jesus has for His people, and the reciprocal love we are to show Him.

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Praise the Lord for the successful launch of our Community Group at the ACTS BBQ Bible Study, with good weather, great food, sweet fellowship, challenging teaching, fervent prayer and worship.

The study series is currently on hold as we continue to partner with local churches and community groups to discuss the vision for Interaction.

Many blessings and much love!
Interaction Director

Louons le Seigneur pour le lancement avec succès de notre groupe communautaire cet été pour l’étude sur les Actes des apôtres. Nous avons été bénis avec un temps magnifique, de la bonne nourriture, un temps de fraternité rafraîchissant, de l’enseignement qui a posé défi, ainsi que de la prière et de la louange ferventes.

Le rassemblement est actuellement en pause, nous permettant de pouvoir s’associer à d’autres églises locales et groupes communautaires pour discuter de la vision pour Interaction.

Que Dieu vous bénisse abondamment; beaucoup d’amour!
Directeur d’Interaction